Our Services

We make your environment as clean and comfortable as you would enjoy your home - a Clean, safe, & stable environment.

Routine Commercial Cleaning

We are proud to offer quality daily cleaning services for retail shops, banks, and other business with large square footage. Our commercial cleaning services packages are sold as a scope of the work that you request.

When you choose us as your cleaning partner, Your building will be inspected for the items that need the most care for us to meet those needs.

Then, our routine commercial cleaning will involve tasks such as sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, machine scrubbing the floors, trash disposal, and cleaning trouble areas like break rooms, offices, and glass doors. We can provide supplies or use supplies you provide.

We specialize in quality work in high traffic areas like bathrooms and entryways. These are the areas that matter the most to guests when becoming regulars to your establishment.

Cleaning For Houses Of Worship

Houses of Worship can also benefit from a partnership with us. We are happy to currently serve these religious institutions in helping them prepare for their worship services.

We ensure quality cleaning and are sure to clean ares specific to your building like pews which are frequent touch zones. We also focus on bathrooms and entryways that leave lasting impressions and opinions of large facilities.

We'd love to help you ready your place of worship for visitors.

COVID Cleaning

Unfortunately, COVID still affects us. We are able to provide a solid solution ensuring that the contagion is contained as much as possible. If a person comes down with covid, we will use a chemical that goes into a dispensing gun creating a fine mist to disinfect entire place.

This cleaning process also serves well for flu season and other times with germ transmission can be at a peak time. Even after a COVID case, it's our goal to make your work environment as clean and comfortable as you would enjoy your home. Dirt Busters wants you to be able to promote a clean, safe, and stable work environment for your employees, giving them peace of mind.


Our basic commercial cleaning services usually include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, scrubber machine for floors, trash, break rooms, offices, glass doors, bathrooms, and entryways. 

After initial interest contact from you, we will schedule a free walkthrough. Upon agreement of services, we will perform the initial deep clean to ensure your facility starts fresh with our services. Afterwards, we will begin our routine cleaning.

We are quick to respond when you have an emergency occur. Our partnership with your company means that we support your facility’s cleaning needs.

Managment meets in person with a hands on approach to determine needs of building. We inspect our buildings twice a month for quality control, and utilize two-way communication for customer satisfaction.

In the chance that our services don’t meet your expectations, we provide a30-day trial guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can cancel our service agreement.